VisLogic GmbH: Privacy Policy of August 01st, 2017

The following data privacy principles apply to your usage of our web site, your VisLogic online user account, your purchased or rented software licenses for VisLogic products and all information that you provide on our web site. It also appies to the usage of data by mechanisms in our products, services, functions and other functionalities, technologies that we provide via our website or in other ways (the complex in the following referred to as "VisLogic Services").

1. Overview
2. Information We Collect
3. Our Use of Information
4. Security of Information
5. Accessing and Changing Personal Data (Online User Account)
6. Shutting down an User Account
7. Responsibilities

1. Overview

In order for us to offer VisLogic products and to minimize fraud risk and licence misuse, the VisLogic GmbH (or we) require some personal information and a binding assignment of authority within your company as well as its authorised substitute. By using our services, you act in name of your company and have to be authorised accordingly. A validation of such authority cannot and will not be conducted by us nor is it our responsibility. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you explicitly accept the processing of your personal data and the data of your company by Vis Logic in compliance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes how we will gather and process this information. Vis Logic considers the protection of your personal data to be highest priority. Therefore, your data is used under strict adherence to this Privacy Policy. We will not sell or lease your personal information or the addresses of our customers to third parties unless you explicitly require us to do so (in case you request mediation to a service provider). In order to provide a nd offer services, increase quality of said services from time to time and to protect the users’ interests, we will relay specific information to third parties under certain conditions. This disclosure of information, however, will take place in compliance to strict requirements (such as external companies providing our customers with information about our products). You can find further information on this in this Privacy Policy, which you should read carefully. This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered on the VisLogic website, by means of VisLogic products or any other means.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, you explicitly accept the use and described partly disclosure of your personal information and instruct us to do so in the manner and method described in this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy forms an integrated part of the Terms and Conditions of the VisLogic GmbH and is subject to its regulations. If you do not agree to the regulations stated in this Privacy Policy, please refrain from registering and from using our services.

Notifications regarding changes

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change in the course of time whenever new functions and features are added to the VisLogic range of services or when suggestions from our customers are being implemented. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without giving reasons. The changed version will be e-mailed to you within 60 days prior to taking effect. Unless you object to the new version of the Privacy Policy within 3 weeks after receiving the aforesaid e-mail, it will be considered as agreed to by you. VisLogic will explicitly indicate this 3-week-period in the e- mail containing the new version of the changed Privacy Policy.

In case we implement new services, features, or changes not affecting your rights or duties, we can announce these implementations with a prior period of notice of only one month. The period of objection in this case is three weeks.

In addition, we will publish the changed Privacy Policy on our website allowing you to review the type of information we gather and how we are permitted to use it and to what extend we may disclose any information to third parties. You find further information on the VisLogic website at where you will be able to access the most current version of our Privacy Policy at any time.

Some pages of the VisLogic website contain links to third party websites. These third party websites state their own Privacy Policy and VisLogic cannot and will not be held responsible for the operation and handling of information regarding such third party websites. Users entering data through such third party website are advised to read the Privacy Policy of such third party websites carefully prior to entering any personal information.

2. Information we collect

Required information

In order for you to use VisLogic products, either in the web-based form or the software installation within you network, you are required to enter your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and your company’s billing address. Your information is used to create a user account on our server. You receive a registered user licence (a trial licence first, then upon request a full licence) distinctly linked to your user account and thus only technically usable in this way. The user account is to be secured against unauthorised access by you using a password. We will process your information, especially your password, in compliance with this Privacy Policy in order to provide services and to contact you concerning the administration of your account and your licence.

Further collecting of information using our services

The software installation of our services within your network provides an extensive inventarisation of your network in accordance to the parameters you specified. The information regarding the members of your network (PCs or other objects) are retained within a database on the installation server and are available to you for analysis within the scope of you user licence. Collected data of your network regarding software, hardware, user, services, processes and any existing data as well as the use of all the aforesaid, are kept explicitly within your password-protected database, which is not accessible by anyone else. Only you and any user you authorise within your company have access to this information. Neither we nor anyone else has access to this data.

In case you provide data for support or training within you company, this information will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Under no circumstances, we will share it with third parties..

Licence protection mechanism and transaction with our server

When starting the analysis module within your network, an internet connection is required to validate your usage licence. During the inspection, data is automatically transmitted to our web server via a SSL-encrypted channel. This data contains: check sum of the hardware of your computer for clear identification of the installation, network name of your domain, number of computer objects within your database, number of computer scan licences used in your database (successfully scanned computers). We compare the computer check sum to the check sum stored at VisLogic to validate your licence. The numbers regarding computer objects are used and processed to list licence deficits and to display them on your user account web page. If licence deficits occur, you can request a licence extension offer through your user account web page. The classification numbers are also used anonymously to carry out potential analyses and potential statistics. We reserve the right to share information regarding computed deficits and your customer contact details to third party companies in order for them to contact you in our name and to execute an offer. The information is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and third party companies are bound under contract not to use your information in any other way or to pass it on.

Furthermore, we transmit the version number of your software installation to notify you by means of automated e-mail in case new versions are available.

Verification of your information and protection from unauthorised use

To prevent the misuse of licences and the unauthorised utilisation of our services, we reserve the right to obtain additional information regarding individuals and companies in certain cases. This may be achieved using the freely accessible information channels or via credit reference agencies disclosing their information. We reserve the right to offer our services only to potential clients and to prevent private individuals or competitors from using them. Furthermore, we may utilize technical means to prevent the use of our services by rendering the activation of the user account impossible. We also reserve the right to make test licences available only to potential clients whereas the potential of such clients is subject to our consideration exclusively. This procedure serves as protection of our business interests, our created work, and thus our services. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you accept this procedure.

Information regarding website traffic

Due to the functionality of the communication standards of the World Wide Web, we automatically obtain the web address of the website, from which or to which you are entering or leaving the VisLogic website. Furthermore, we collect information on which page of our website you are visiting and what kind of browser you are using as well as the frequency of your visits to our website and the IP-addresses used. We use this information solely to understand the requirements of our members even better and to manage the data load on our severs as useful as possible to offer you an even better service.

How we use cookies

Cookies are text files that the browser stores to your computer when you visit an internet web site. This web site uses cookies to improve provided services, to make it more efficient and more secure. Thanks to these files it is for example possible to adjust our service to fit best to your needs and interests. The exclusive reason for using cookies lies in the goal to adjust our services as best as possible to your individual wishes and needs, in order to make surfing and navigating our website as comfortable as possible. This web site follows the policy (§96.Abs.3.TKG.03) that demands a visible note on the web site that cookies are used. We send simple session cookie to your computer when you login to your VisLogic account by entering your user name and password. This session cookie will be deleted automatically when you logoff or when you exit your browser. We also use a cookie on your computer to save any consent you have given to our notice that we use cookies.

Correspondence with customer support

In case you send us correspondence, including e-mails and fax messages, we will keep such information on file as part of the records concerning your account. We will also keep any correspondence with the customer service as well as any other correspondence VisLogic may have sent you on file. We keep these records in order to document our customer relations and to validate and improve our customer service. We may also investigate potential fraud cases or any violations against the regulations of our Terms and Conditions. Depending on the current applicable law, such data is deleted after a certain period of time.

3. Our use of information

Internal use

We collect, safe and process your personal information on leased servers provided by 1&1 Internet AG, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany and on our own servers (VisLogic GmbH, 25335 Elmshorn, Germany). The information is saved on the 1&1 servers in compliance with the 1&1 Privacy Policy and Regulations. Our acquisition of your data is used mainly to improve our services and to make their use as secure, efficient, and convenient to you as possible. You agree to the use of your information in the following manner. To:

provide the services you requested

solve conflicts, correct problems, invoicing

prevent potentially illegal or prohibited actions, enforce our Terms and Conditions

adjust, validate, and improve our services as well as the content and layout of our website

provide targeted market information, software updates, and specified offers

4. Security of information

VisLogic applies the highest standards in information security during the administration and management of customer information. We utilize computer security mechanisms including firewalls and data encryption. Controlled physical access to our facilities and files are in place and we grant access to personal information only to those employees who actually require it for their work.

The safety of your VisLogic online user account also depends on how well you guard your password. Do not share you password with anyone. No VisLogic representative will ever ask you for your password. Only during setup, you will be prompted for the online account to be used and the corresponding password. Therefore, please consider any e-mails or other messages inquiring your password as unauthorised and suspicious and forward it to If you do share you password with someone else - including anyone who promised additional services - these individuals will obtain access to your account and your personal information while you yourself will be held responsible for any action executed using your password. If you think, someone else has access to your password, change it by logging in to your account under and execute the changes in the profile settings.
Also, notify us immediately as described below.

5. Accessing and changing your personal information

You can review the personal data you provided at any time and change this information or the settings of your SAM-Essentials account if required. If full licences have been granted, a later change of the billing address is not possible manually. After a contract with cash flow has taken effect, the billing address can only be changed after written request. We reserve the right to check the changes and refuse as we deem appropriate. Alternatively, we reserve the right to place a redemption offer in individual cases. In such cases, the costs that arise until the end of lease have to be calculated and played in advance. To execute changes, login to your account on the SAM Essentials website and change the required settings on your user page.

6. Shutting down a User Account

You can close your account on the VisLogic website. This will render the software installation within your network unusable. This, however, will not terminate running rental contracts. To withdraw from a rental contract and thus terminate it, you are required to do so in accordance with the regulations of our Terms and Conditions.

If you have closed your account and you wish to reopen it in order to continue using your licence, please contact our customer service. If you close your Online account, we register your account in our database as "closed". You account information will not be deleted however. This is necessary to prevent fraud activities. In this way, we ensure that individuals attempting fraud will not be able to continue unnoticed by simply closing one account and opening another. If you close your account, your information is not used for any other means nor will it be sold or relayed to third parties unless we can prevent fraud in doing so or we are required by law during an ongoing investigation.

7. Responsibilities

VisLogic is responsible for the adherence to the privacy policy during our daily work. If you wish to exercise your right to data access or if you have questions regarding the regulation of this privacy policy, the information practice of VisLogic or the communication between your VisLogic product installation and our web server, please contact our customer service via e-mail or by phone.

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