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Combining vision and logic has always been our guiding principle and has become the recipe for our success.

To pursue visions and to carry them out requires a passionate interest in technical trends and possibilities. Many things were impossible ten years ago but, thanks to today's innovations, they can finally come to life.

Keeping track of things in the constant flow of progress, change, and renewal takes persistent belief in one’s own ideas. We have discovered that this kind of persistency is our key strength.

Maxim Szenessy

Maxim Szenessy
Managing Director

The name "VisLogic" first appeared at the end of the 1980s. At an early stage, Szenessy saw that software development could be an inexpensive way of bringing ideas to life. He could become an inventor of sorts, even without access to unlimited financial resources.

In the year 1998 he started to program the first version of the Lan-Inspector using the language C++. At the turn of the millennium, he rightly predicted that license management would become an important topic of the future. Accordingly, Szenessy registered the German domain www.lizenz-management.de for himself, long before the great era of license management began.

In order to be able to finance and found the company, Szenessy worked as a freelancer on various projects. Soon, he could sell his first Lan-Inspector license (with limited company liability). The user installed the product on his computer which enabled him to directly scan his network. Afterwards, he received clearly arranged reports about the current state of all software and hardware in the network. Due to the great innovation and the significant market gap in 2000, the product was extraordinarily successful. Important software distributors like Computer 2000 or PC-Ware AG aimed to collaborate with VisLogic and used the Lan-Inspector for audits for their customers. Many of the customers VisLogic had acquired fifteen years ago remained loyal because of the continuous support and adjustments to the market. Based on software assurance agreements, they are using the latest Version 8.0 today and are currently mastering their networks.

Lan-Inspector Box

In 2003, Szenessy and his colleague Markos Themelidis developed the concept of a fully equipped patch management for all networks. Szenessy programmed "Patch-Magic" and delivered an extremely useful out-of-the-box product. He supported many companies with it. Before Patch-Magic, their clients simply had to "hope" that all network PCs would really fetch necessary patches from the WSUS.

Patchmagic Box

You only needed to install the product and directly scan the network. In only a few moments you received a detailed individual list of installed patches for each PC. Patch-Magic also offered a list of missing patches. With only one mouse click you could centrally download the missing patches for all PCs from Microsoft into your patch base and install them directly where they were needed. All of this happened in the background: reliably and securely, without being noticed by anyone.

The concept ensured minimum prices by enabling complete automation. If you had 100 PCs, a license for one year was available for only €189.00 including tax. In order to achieve full automation, Szenessy programmed his own php-based web shop that accepted credit cards.

The internet application did everything. It maintained the customer database, and it was connected to the customer's local installation. It automatically handled the technical product activation and created PDF bills, which it sent to both the customer's email address and to VisLogic's tax consultant. Implementing this great concept enabled VisLogic to enter the mass market for software in the year 2004.

The customer-oriented support, which Szenessy wanted in order to extend to Patch-Magic customers, unfortunately became an exhausting task. In surveys, most of the customers were unwilling to accept the higher prices that might have made the job worthwhile. Finally, the last annual license for Patch-Magic was sold in 2010, and VisLogic stopped maintaining the product after the last license had expired.

Fifteen years of teamwork with customers from the most different sectors gave Szenessy and colleagues priceless experience in terms of network programming. Because of its great business relations, VisLogic could support various software projects for the customers, and in several cases manage them completely. Mostly the projects were about programming and implementation of customer related extensions for the Lan-Inspector. Additionally, VisLogic also advised in other sectors and brought several projects to a close.

Starting in 2016, the new Lan-Inspector Version 10 is aimed at targeting new customer segments. To achieve this, the product has been split into three editions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. This strategy will provide each segment with an ideal price-performance ratio.

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