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Lan-Inspector Login Screen
Instant SAM audits for Adobe and Microsoft licenses.
Accessing the inventory base
Lan-Inspector on Windows 10.
Detailed collection of your hardware inventory and software installations.
Collect Inventory of software and hardware in your network.

Product News

SECURITY UPDATE: Build#11108 Lani E-Mail Agent

Build#11090: Quality Rollup + new features

Lan-Inspector 11 R2 QR Setup released #

Improvement of our Data Security and Pricavy Policy
Lan-Inspector 11 R2
Lan-Inspector 11 R2 released
Lan-Inspector 11 available now

What's new in Lan-Inspector 11?

The Lan-Inspector 11 improves your user experience by the latest GUI technique with transition effects, and semi-transparent windows in five esthetic graphic skins. Based on detailed reports of our customers, we have improved and therefore optimized various processes for complete satisfaction. During the optimization we have eliminated periodic problems, we also have rewritten time-critical functions especially for enterprise environments. Massive amounts of data are processed using native multi core programming. We also have signed all Lan-Inspector components with an Extended Value Certificate in order to provide a maximum in security and compatibility to all established anti virus solutions. The Lan-Inspector 11 is one of the most valuable inventory solutions available, including highly effective functions that help manage your software licenses.

New features of the Lan-Inspector 11 in short terms:

  • Brand new GUI engine with effects and five skins for the best user experience
  • Lani 11 Server Core with new transaction queueing for optimal multi user access
  • Native CPU multi core usage for time critical operations in enterprise environments
  • Scan state analysis and report for quick active updating of wanted inventory data
  • Ingenious ExE-spider gathers all executables of arbitrary software products
  • Centralized software blacklisting or whitelisting in the network (uses ExE-spider)
  • Hashlist generator and browser retrieves hashcodes of arbitrary files on PCs of your network (MD5,SHA1,SHA2-256,384,512)
  • All components are signed with an Extended Value Certificate

The Lan-Inspector is made without compromise

If you decide today, you need to track your IT inventory, you'd better get the most modern and best tool on the market: the Lan-Inspector.

Of course, this is our own opinion. But in order make you to come to that conclusion yourself, we have prepared easy-to-use evaluation versions. Install them using admin access rights with only a few clicks. Discover the content of 5 arbitrary (exchangeable) computers of your network. The trial versions offer the full range of functions corresponding to the edition you chose. You can scan and manage small networks with up to 25 PCs with the Basic Edition. Administrators who want extended options or who manage networks up to 100 PCs should check out the Professional Edition. This one includes the popular software start prevention. You can prevent the launches and the use of unwanted software products in your network. The Enterprise Edition offers embracing server functionality with multiple user access. It has no limitation of computer objects and is suitable for all network sizes. A complete inventory base is the foundation for your license management.

Try for yourself. We'd gladly send you an offer without obligation that fits your needs perfecly. Just get in touch with us and send us a message!

License Management at our customers'

Many of our customers use the Lan-Inspector for both Inventory Discovery and License Management. They benefit from our Software Assurance and always receive the latest product versions.

license management for home and office

Inventory Discovery for small companies and offices

  • Scan your network with only a few steps
  • Inventory discovery of software and hardware
  • License Management with active license pooling
  • Efficient views for instant clarity
inventory for medium-sized

Professional License Management for medium-sized business

  • Active Directory Support for Citrix licenses
  • Manage user defined inventory assets
  • Calculate upgrade and downgrade queues
  • Deposit reports as templates permanently
inventory for financials

Banks and finance management

  • Archive access and full auditing acceptability
  • Supports your internal cost service calculation
  • Prevents starts of unwanted software in your network
Inventory for enterprises

Software Usage Analysis for enterprise customers

  • Optimize your volume agreements with usage analysis
  • Notebook inventory discovery via internet agent
  • Automated report mail services
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