You do best what you do all the time.

For fifteen years we have been developing and providing solutions for a wide range of tasks. We have immersed ourselves in the structures of networks sized between 15 and 12000 computers. In order to offer solutions we had to learn about their setting and also about their history. And we had to understand them. We had to focus on the configurations but, furthermore, on many occasions we had to consider the preferences of administrators. Often, we had to invent new instruments from scratch in order to resolve given tasks.


Our greatest strength lies in sniffing out inconsistencies in complex systems and in finding solutions in the end. Based on the breadth of our experience, we have developed an intuition for goals no matter what the playing field. We detect bottlenecks in productive settings or strategic errors in concepts. We look at the big picture as well as appreciating the technical details.

In this manner, we have gradually developed a fine sense of innovation. In the past, together with our clients, we have been able to bring out hidden potential and perfect many concepts.

We’d like to offer our services to you, and look forward to supporting you in overcoming your challenges. The first step of the way is to secure your ideas by signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement).

We’ll gladly support you in reaching your projected goals. Please consider taking us into your confidence!

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