Software Assurance

Purchasing licenses is a cost-intensive investment for every company.

However, nobody can afford to be under-licensed from a legal point of view. Software producers have found effective ways and instruments that enable them to collect the license fees to which they are entitled. Therefore, decision-makers must take a closer look at what products and services they choose. The investment cannot afford to turn out as a failure afterwards. They have to pay attention to future prospects:

Future Prospect of a Product
  • Is product care guaranteed?
  • Are frequent updates provided?
  • Is it adjusted to market trends/changes?
  • Is the licensor independent?
  • What happens to my data?
  • How long is its application guaranteed?

The answer to those questions is an easy one: our Lan-Inspector Software Assurance guarantees that product care is continued. Additionally, you don't need to worry that you might have bought the wrong version. Based on our software assurance you are always entitled to use the latest version: adjusted to the market, ready for new technologies and ideas of third party software producers.

You can order our Software Assurance together with our Lan-Inspector. It lasts for one to three years and can be renewed at the end of its runtime. When it has expired you cannot access the services anymore. If you order a renewal after expiry, the purchased period will start at the date when it had ended before. If you want to renew our Software Assurance after a break of more than three years, we will create a compromise based on goodwill. Please contact us on this matter. You can have a look into the agreement papers here.

Software Assurance: Prices and Features

Always use the latest version available available available
Always adjusted to Microsoft updates available available available
Access Beta Versions - available available
Direct contact to the developer team - available available
Priority Support - available available
Prices* € 49.00 / year
€ 109.00 / 3 years
€ 279.00 / year
€ 749.00 / 3 years
Depending on
the license count
Order quote Order quote Order quote

* + 19% MwSt.  
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