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Lan-Inspector inventory scan engine was extended by scanning capabilities for Windows 10. Build #8100.

As announced before, we've released Lan-Inspector Build 8100 inventory system which is available via download to new customers or those who have a running software assurance agreement. The installer has been approved for the use with Windows 10, the scan engine scans and recognizes all available Windows versions / editions.

The Lan-Inspector can do "Windows 10"

Yesterday, we have extended out Inventory System for the use with Windows 10. On monday the 10th of August, we will release Lan-Inspector build 8099. It can recognize, scan, inventory, and manage all 20 variants of Windows 10. Namely, we've added Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home hinzugefĆ¼gt, each as win32 or x64 versions. Additionally, we have also included the LongTermServiceBranch versionen 2015 as well as all variants as "N"-versions (without Internet Explorer).Here is a nice screenshot of the new treasures. Lan-Inspector Object details.

Manual and context sensitive help file in English available

Finally, the English version of the manual is available (English User Manual). We have created an online help from it for you here. Additionally, the English version is also fully integrated in our Lan-Inspector as context-sensitive help files.

The new VisLogic web site is online!

Finially the new web page layout is ready, containing all information about the new Lan-Inspector 8.0. Please feel free to visit our pages at

Official Lan-Inspector version 8 is ready!

It is done: the Lan-Inspector version 8.0 is available. Information about our inventory system will follow soon.
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